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before getting a sugar glider

Posted: 2 years ago - Jun 11, 2022

please do your research they a very high maintence. diet specific you cant just provide them with pellets and thats it, they feed in the wild on nectar, saps, baby birds, insects and other things feed pellets as an addition for their teeth. use low sugar treats, mine love sour cream, meal worms and chicken bones (cooked with no seasonings throughly)

toys they need mental stimulation foraging toys do this and toys that make noise, always provide nesting pouches more than one incase they want to be alone for a bit. a must have toy is a wheel, but you have to be careful of what you buy it has to be an "open" wheel no bar in the center, for example a wodent wheel has the bar in the middle, when gliders use the wheel their tail curves up leaving it to get caught in the center bar or brace, and it can break their tail if it gets caught, also their gliding membrane can get caught.

nails clipping them once a week is just about neccesary, it also helps with bonding and building trust, there are 2 small nails on their back feet, they are grooming nails and do not need to be cut, you just trim the tiny tip off, during nail trimming have treats ready, so it becomes a positive experience.

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